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Be It Ever So Deadly!

The combined forces of the Microverse have overthrown Baron Karza. During the battle, an imploding phobos unit blasted Bug into hyperspace. He now wakes up on Kaliklak, where Karza's rule remains. He runs into an old timer who once belonged to his gang before his imprisonment in the body banks. In his absence, his father Wartstaff has taken over the gang and let it fall to ruin.

Back on Homeworld, Commander Rann is unhappy with becoming a godlike figure due to his defeat of Karza. He longs for the Micronauts to be a team again setting sail across the Microverse. Princess Mari, Biotron and Microtron agree to go with him, leaving behind Prince Argon, who suggests he would like Slug to be his queen.

Back on Kaliklak, Bug confronts his father, and with the aid of his love Jasmine and the old timer, he retakes his gang and begins observing the air terminus under the control of Baron Karza’s colonial forces.

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