The Rocket Tubes were a large playset based on the idea of pneumatic transport. A sealed track of "tubes" sent a capsule with a figure darting around via air pressure, while a vertical pair of tubes allowed a white figure with a silver Time Traveller head to go up past a sliding section into yet another vertical section. Glow-in-dark decals were provided to accent the tubes with a glowing pinstripe. The power terminal provided air pressure to the tubes via AC power, and formed the base of the vertical tubes. Two small orange attachments also exploited the airflow to rotate. Air came from the power terminal through a straight section of tube to the underside of a gray switcher section to which the the tubes returned atop the originating section and merged after passing an opening which allowed insertion of the capsules. The opening was covered with a sliding transparent orange canopy.

Sears Rocket TubesEdit

Sears had an exclusive version which included a triangular launcher atop the vertical tubes, launching small styrofoam "ZingWings."

Deluxe Rocket TubesEdit

The Deluxe Rocket Tubes included extra track sections.