Stratastation Mego photo

The Stratastation was the first stationary habitat for the Micronauts. A blue track worked its way past a rotating switcher on its way back to a central tower. An electric-powered vehicle could depart the track at the switcher and go track-free, or return to the tower, through which a tunnel passed to accommodate the vehicle. The vehicle had two available speeds.

Depending on a switch setting, the vehicle could be halted at the tower and its engine exploited to run the elevator in front and/or the "trainer" in back.

The front of the tower held a moving chair which led up to the command center, while the rear held a small moving belt for the trainer. Above the tunnel was a light blue module with a clear canopy which swung out in back, while the command module perched on top. Seating two, the command module was a two-seated flying saucer, black below with a clear blue canopy. A red switch in front of the command module popped the canopy, and while in place atop the tower this could be activated by the arrival of the elevator.