Time Traveler
Figure Facts
Size 3 3/4" (10cm)
Alignment Good
Composition Plastic
Accessories L-peg
Series Series 1 (1976)
Variants Opaque (Series 5 (1980))
Precursor Takara Microman M10x

The most basic Micronaut figure was the Time Traveler, introduced in the first series in 1976. Standing 10cm, Time Traveller established a key feature of Micronauts to US fans: a translucent body which revealed inner details of the figure. The initial release came in translucent orange, blue, yellow and clear.

His silver head was shared by the die-cast Galactic Warrior, as was his removable chest piece, which came in four varieties, nicknamed "Radio Dial," "Window Panes," "Log Cabin" and "Volt Meter."

In addition to being available independently, Time Traveler figures shipped in the box with each Crater Cruncher, Photon Sled, Ultronic Scooter and Warp Racer. These additional means of distribution guaranteed a strong Time Traveler presence in any collection.

Opaque VariantEdit


The Opaque Time Travelers (courtesy Argonaut X))

In Series 5, a series of opaque Time Travellers made their debut. As with all Series 5 figures and toys, distribution was limited, making these versions quite the collector's find.